Restart your company by lowering your IT costs.

Athreia aims to simplify
To be transparent
To create without effort
Ideal for
business process modelling
Reduces costs with 70%
What is Athreia?
Athreia is a cloud based, software as a service
Low Code Software Development platform
for small to medium (10 to 500 people) business.

Athreia let's you focus on solving the problem at hand instead of handing it to IT and have them solve it for you.
What is the return for you?
Athreia reduces the project cost and development time by at least 70% or more.

The development philosophy fits perfectly in Agile environments due to the reduced development effort.

Athreia serves as an IT enabler. Athreia delivers a platform that can grow with your business needs without extra cost.
Industry proven
Want more information?
Athreia has been build to encompass 30 years of experience in all business fields. Athreia will help and guide you through your digital transformation and provide an efficient and low cost platform.
Athreia is a product build by Antar Business Solutions.
If you want more information on how to really save big on software development costs, please contact us on:

Or call at +32 478 71 00 90
The best way to save on software development costs is to use
low code/no code tools like Athreia.
What can be build with Athreia?
All business related software, screen input based software.
examples are: Stock management, Quality management, Time registration, Change management, CRM, Service Desk, Back Office Applications ....

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